My 2nd homemade Electric contrabass [EUB]

[en] The second one, I made it as semi hollow body like as electric guitar. I didn’t take a picture of the making …

The first thing for this one is having the nice sound and comfortability for playing. Plus, I wanted to make something that give us some wants to touch it. and I tried to feel like a sculptor.

The material…maple neck, ebony fingerboard, oak front table, European epicea on the sides and back. The tail piece made with oak and red pine that was reinforced and coated with glass fiber and epoxy.
Urethane finish for body and head, linseed oil for neck and fingerboard. This time I used Tight Bond. It has strong and hard enough. And the first model is water reversible, so we can peeled off when something happens, I think this is nice for making musical instruments.

[jp] 2作目はエレキギターのホーローボディーの構造を参考に作ってみた。